New modern project of 15 villas above Vltava - Na Meandru

ecological housing
5 bd - 6 bd and more
147 m2 - 270 m2
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About project

The intention of the developer of the new, modern project NA MEANDRU, was to create a beautiful and ecological housing with a pleasant impact on the surrounding nature and good accessibility for future owners. There are expertise partners in design, architecture and energy involved in project preparation and implementation. The main goal of the project is to create beautiful houses for the future. The houses are perfectly prepared for the growing demand for energy management in winter and summer, and they follow the newest trends in water management. They offer not only low operating costs but also intelligent energy independence (up to 8 months independence from external suppliers).

On the sunny slope above the Vltava River there will stand 15 beautiful and perfectly sophisticated progressive houses. The architecture of the individual villas and the entire NA MEANDRU neighborhood is modern and bright. The interiors are designed in specialized studios and organically connect the interior and outdoor living. Intelligent technology regulates the temperature inside the house both during winter and summer. Moreover, the smart-tech includes the usage of rainwater and wastewater, as well as the heat from the wastewater. Independence is ensured by triple synergistically interconnected and user-friendly solar technology combined with ground-to-water heat pumps. Sunny hillside and rocky bedrock offer perfect conditions for this solution. In the use of technology, homeowners will continue to be looked after by one of the developer's contractors - Slunce Invest Pro, specializing in independent energy.

The villas are thoughtfully located on plots ranging in size from 707 sqm to 1,425 sqm. They are available in four design and price levels. The layout of the houses ranges from 4+kt to 6+kt. Besides living rooms, they also include a sauna, relaxation room, plenty of storage space, 2-3 bathrooms, utility room, dressing rooms and more. Each house has a garage for two cars and there is also a parking space on the property. Arrivals to the houses are also intelligently solved so that their residents have their undisturbed peace.

Unique location, great access to Prague, beautiful architecture, breathtaking views and manicured gardens along with advanced energy and water management in everyday life - this is an amazing project of 15 villas NA MEANDRU. Call us, we will gladly share details about this exclusive offer with you.

Completion of the whole project - 2Q 2022.

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